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Muar is the second biggest town and district of the stateof Johor in southern Malaysia. Muar is also known by its other name, Bandar Maharani, which means Empress Town.

By train
The nearest train railway stations are Segamat with Seremban or Kluang. Tranfer by bus or taxi has to be taken to redirect to Muar.

By car
Besides federal roads, Muar is also accessible via the North–South Expressway through the Tangkak and Pagoh interchanges exits which are located 20 km and 30 km from the town, respectively.

If you're driving from Kuala Lumpur on the North South Expressway (NSE), take the Tangkak exit (Interchange 235) and drive on past Sg. Mati and Parit Bunga (on highway 23 and 5). Muar town is about 27km from the Tangkak exit. If you are driving from Johor Bahru, exit at Pagoh and head to the Muar town.

By bus
Direct bus from Singapore
to Muar Bus Station

a)Malacca S'pore Express - Lavender Street Tel: 62935915 (10am & 4pm) - Only buses departing at these times come to Muar

b) KKKL Trans Lim Express - Beach Road Tel: 63981216 (10am daily)

c) Delima Express - Kallang Bahru, Lavender Street Tel: 62949306 - SGD 16 per person

From Larkin Bus Terminal to Muar Bus Station There are 3 bus companies that have services to Muar:

Mayang Sari Ekspress - last bus is at 7.15pm

KKKL Ekspress - last bus is at 8.00pm

South Johor The bus ticket cost RM15 per person.

The journey from Larkin Bus Terminal to Muar takes roughly 2 1/2 hours.
From Muar Bus Station to Accommodation You can take a taxi to your chosen accommodation. The taxi fare will cost you only RM10 per taxi.

Tanjung Emas Park
- Tanjung Emas recreational park overlooking Muar River is the place to go. This recreational park has a food court offering local delicacies if you get a little hungry- try the ikan asam pedas (fish cooked with tamarind sauce and chilli paste) for which this town is famous. There's plenty of rest shades if the sun gets too hot and also a children's playground to keep the little ones amused. The park, which is much visited during the weekends, also houses a 9-hole golf course, Tanjung Emas Golf Club. A 45 minute to one hour Muar River Cruise departing from this park is also available to offer tourists views of Muar town from the river. Nearby, Tanjung Ketapang is next to Tanjung Emas facing The Malacca Straits. The mangrove along the coastal line is home to wild monkeys or macaques but harmless and tame to visitors who feeds them.

Laman Maharani Padang Nyiru - The garden at the new park called Padang Nyiru near the Sultan Ismail bridge, named Laman Maharani, includes a modern clock tower with old English achitecture, a mini Roman Colosseum, a neatly manicured lawn, a pavement under leafy trees, a fountain, a dome-shaped pavilion, parking bays and a beautifully-designed seawall. The garden immortalises the old days when the site was a busy trading centre where junks and boats anchored with merchandise and charcoal and ringing with the joy and laughter of the coolies who toiled hard day and night. It is now a green lung for the town folks and visiting tourists to take leisurely walks and enjoy the natural beauty of the Muar River in the town centre.

Gunung Ledang - Located about 30 km from Muar town, Gunung Ledang (formerly Mt Ophir) is well known for the Legend of Gunung Ledang story of the mystique Puteri Gunung Ledang, entwined with its mysterious tales of supernatural encounters among the locals besides its beautiful natural attraction. Standing at 1,267m, Gunung Ledang is Johor's highest mountain and it can be accessed both from Johor (Sagil) and Melaka (Asahan). There are nice camping sites by the side of waterfall at the mountain foot and those who are adventurous can take up the challenges to climb to the peak of the mountain. The journey to the top will take approximately five hours through the dense but scenery virgin jungle. There are 2 options of access to the mountain top and mountain foot lodgings available by 2 different managements namely; Gunung Ledang Resort and Taman Hutan Lagenda-Taman Negara Gunung Ledang.

Pantai Leka, Parit Jawa - A nice sea-side fishing village and the coast is an important stopover and winter feeding ground for 60 bird species of migratory birds including egret, eagle, heron, sandpiper, swift and kingfisher, and efforts is being taken to gazet the area as a bird sanctuary. There are many sea foods, grilled fish and assam pedas stalls and restaurant serving nice delicious foods. GPS coordinates 1.951372N 102.635517E.

Sungai Gersik Hot Spring - Kolam Air Panas Sungai Gersik, the natural wonder of hot springs can be found in the district of Muar, about 10km from Parit Jawa town. The hot spring, with water temperature is estimated at 50 to 70 degree celcius, was discovered over 100 years ago in the peaty area, was believed to have healing power due to its high sulphur content. The hot spring area has chalet, public amenities like toilet, bath room and parking facilities, Muslim prayer room, a children's playground and some shops. The place is opened from 7 am to 7 pm. Admission is free to locals and foreigners. GPS Coordinates: GPS 1.940900N 102.741300E.

Nasuha Spices & Herbs Farm - Ladang Rempah Ratus Nasuha farm is located at the 19 Km of Jalan Muar Pagoh, Muar covers an area of over 3200 acres, known to be the largest Herbs and Spices farm in Asia, producing 6 to 10 metric tonnes of raw herbs and spices each day. The farm is planted with 135 types of herbs collected from all over the world. There is a museum, restaurant, a herbal SPA, a resort and a processing plant inside the farm. Group tour can be arranged to visit the farm for bird watching, hiking activities, stress management and motivational course is also offerred to public members.

Dusun Damai - An scenery fruits orchard homestead resort on a scenic hill in Pagoh, Muar located midway PLUS highway between Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. Just 15 minutes easy access from Pagoh toll plaza.

Otak-otak, frozen-packed-uncooked or attap-leaf-wrapped-grilled.
= Food stalls and hawkers at Jalan Haji Abu Hawker Centre or Jalan Bentayan Hawker Centre.
= A Class Otak-otak Products Shop.

There also Pasar Malam and Pasar Tani selling variety of local products.
The shopping centres and supermarkets or hypermarkets in Muar are Wetex Parade, The Store, Giant, Econsave, Astaka Shopping Centre, Lagenda Complex, K-Mall, Fresco, One-Stop, Arked Mara and Hentian Maharani.

There are two wet markets in Muar town:
Pasar Awam Bandar Maharani (Tua Pa Sat) (Below Astaka Shopping Centre), Jalan Maharani, Muar.
One Central Market (Sin Pa Sat) (formerly Hock Hai Market), Jalan Ali/Arab/Haji Abu, Muar


These are mostly old hotels providing budget and cheap rooms, normally around RM30. Room condition is not so clean, but located in the middle of the town.
Hotel Leewa : 75, 1st Floor,Jalan Arab. Tel : +606 9515995
Kingdom Hotel : 158, Jalan Meriam. Tel :06-9521921
Embassy Hotel : 171, Jalan Abdullah. Tel :06-9521886
Nam Yang Hotel : 41, Jalan Maharani. Tel :+606 922558.
Wah Hin Chan Hotel : 120 Jln Meriam. Tel :+606 9512043

There are also some homestays providing interesting stay and holiday programe located at the out-skirt villages of the town.
Homestay Kg. Sarang Buaya, Tel. 012-754 0597, 06-988 1378, 019-747 3442, 07-416 2396.
Homestay Kg. Melayu Bt. 28 Lenga, Tel. 06-952 3093, 06-971 1150, 013-680 2265.
Homestay Kg. Parit Bugis, Tel. 013-774 4244, 07-416 3837, 019-273 3703, Email: parit_bugis@yahoo.com.



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